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Thelma Gacusana

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Company Information

  • Saifco Travel and Tourism LLC

    Saifco Travel and Tourism LLC offers exceptional travel services, specializing in tailored experiences to diverse destinations, ensuring memorable journeys.

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  • Address

    Deira Dubai

  • Postal/Zip Code


    City & State & Country
    Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Type of Tours/Experience
    Adrenaline & Extreme Tours, Adventure, Amusement / water parks, AWD/4WD, Boat tour/cruises, Day trip, Helicopter tour, History tour, Hot air balloon tour, Jet Skiing / Parasailing tour, Museum, Safari, Skydiving, Zoo / aquarium
  • Language Served

    English, Hindi, Standard Arabic

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    • Desert
    • safari
    • yacht
    • speeedboat
    • dune bashing
    • desert safari
    • camel racing
    • deep sea fising
    • yacht cruising
    • abu dhabi tour
    • dubai tour


  • Dubai United Arab Emirates

  • Type of experience:

    Adrenaline & Extrem...

  • Created on:

    17 Apr, 2024

  • Dubai Marina

  • Type of experience:

    Boat tour/cruises

  • Created on:

    17 Apr, 2024

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