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Welcome to The Tour Trap

Welcome to The Tour Trap

GTP’s Videocast dedicated to Tour, activity and experience operators from all over the world. Adam and Von chat to business owners and discover their story, their issues and offer some practical advice where they can. If you’d like to feature, please simply select a slot here https://calendly.com/tourtrap and we’ll get in touch with you.

You can watch The TourTRap below, or listen here

The Tour Trap #1 - Introducing our Tour Start-up Scholarship winner - Ceptembre Anthony

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The Robots Are Coming! AI, Mobile and the Future of Tour Guiding.

Liability in the times of COVID-19

The Tour Trap #3 - The Emperor Nortona

The Tour Trap #4 - De Gustibus School of Cooking

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Covid-19 CARES ACT Webinar - January 2021

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