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Group Tour Professionals is an association that represents all Destination Experience Operators around the globe, aiming to unite as many as possible to help them achieve their business goals.

Our mission is to support independent Tour Operators and Destination Experience Operators (DEO’s) by providing education, professional development opportunities, networking, resources and exposure. We aim to set the highest standard for service and delivery in the tour experience industry. Our goals are:

  • To promote the highest level of professionalism in all destination experiences for our DEO members.
  • To support networking and connection between DEO’s to help start-ups get off the ground and become a successful operator.
  • To provide promote and offer opportunities for exposure to DEO’s; primarily via a free, non-commissionable searchable database (similar to an OTA), marketed to the public.
  • To develop and provide industry-related benefits and resources to our members.


Food tours, museums, city tours, escape rooms, bike tours, wineries, cooking courses, and more… Destination Experience Operators are just that – small businesses or individuals who operate experiences in destinations around the globe. From an hours long experience in a restaurant, to a multi-day tour of the area, all these activities are run by who we call Destination Experience Operators. A typical tourist will use a variety of DEOs throughout their travels, these may be individuals, recent start-ups or well-established operators. See More…

  • Advocacy for members
  • Standards / accountability for members (credibility for the travelling public)
  • Free, non-commissionable searchable database (similar to an OTA), marketed to the public.
  • Resources and Support e.g. contract and policy templates, processes etc
  • Mentorship for new DEOs – from conception to operation, we can support you.


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